Training and fitness

  1. Warm-up exercise: You should not forget warming up before strength training. A special exercise that gets the body-circulation going is the so-called “Wedelhüpfen”. A ski pole lies on the ground and you jump from right to left with closed legs. 
    • Duration: 1 minute 
  1. Squats: the classic squats are very popular and effective. This strength exercise works all the muscles of the lower body. First, take a shoulder-width stance and then bend your knees until your thighs are approximately horizontal to the floor. Make sure your back is straight and your arms are again extended horizontally. The knees should not point in a different direction than the feet. These tips are necessary to perform the strength exercise in the most joint-friendly way for the knees. 
    • Repetitions: at least 15 
    • Series: 3 
  1. Swimmer: The so-called “swimmer exercise” strengthens the back and trunk muscles and improves arm-leg coordination. Lie on your stomach and lift your legs and arms. Now alternately lift one arm and the opposite leg at the same time. However, do not touch the floor while doing this. 
    • Repetitions: at least 15 per side 
    • Series: 3 
  1. Lunge: squats with lunge is the ideal exercise to prepare for skiing, you strengthen the thigh and buttock muscles, as well as knee and ankle joints. They also provide a workout for the back. In addition, coordination and balance are improved. 
    • Repetitions: at least 15 per side 
    • Series: 2 
  1. Downhill squat: The downhill squat is probably the best known strength exercise for optimal preparation for skiing. It is perfect to avoid burning thighs, because this ski gymnastics exercises strengthens especially the thigh muscles. At the same time, the torso is stabilized. 
    • Duration: 30 seconds 
    • Series: 5